Unless You’re Perfect, STFU


I am absolutely appalled. Where has professionalism gone?? What’s happened to the media?? And how do these guys not know better than to bitch and complain about players even though the microphones are supposedly turned off?! 

Ok, I’ll admit, I missed the first period of the Calgary Flames game because I was working a CHL game last night. Irregardless, I saw the last 40 minutes of the game and it was…disappointing. 

The Anaheim Ducks did what they do best and got in the heads of the Flames again. They’re good at what they do and the Calgary team should have been prepared for that. But they weren’t. And they lost. In Anaheim. Again. Meh, whatever – back to Calgary we go! 

And then there’s these guys

To say that some of the Flames players have no brains, or that they’re stupid, especially when you’re on a platform that announces your words to thousands, tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of people, is the dumbest possible action that could be taken. 

My questions for those ridiculous announcers; have you never made a mistake in life? Have you never embarrassed yourself in front of others? Were you loudly called out by anyone who witnessed your faux pas? Because, if you’re perfect, by all means, go ahead and judge away and be really mean about it. But, in my estimation, your faux pas happened now and I’m calling you out because what you said was wrong on every level. 

Maybe some of us were thinking it. Maybe some of us partly agreed with you. But at least we had the decency to leave it alone and let Dougie and Brodie deal with their mistakes – which I’m sure they felt awful about. 

There are some things that should go unsaid. And this was one of those moments. 

But there’s always those assholes who have to make themselves feel better for their shortcomings by calling out others on their mistakes. And those idiots usually get what’s coming to them. In this case, I hope they get shipped off to Russia to announce minor league hockey. 

Dougie, Brodie, don’t let these dickheads get to you. Don’t let their words discourage you. Just learn from your mistakes, shake it off, and get back in the game. You’re not brainless, stupid people. You’re elite players in one of the best leagues in the world and you’ve earned it. So keep playing your game and make the real Flames fans proud. 

Go Flames!