Final Thoughts On My Renovation Hell


A recent text message that I sent to my sister…

“I need to vent. 

Before this bathroom reno, the contractor said he was going to do this job ‘as quickly as possible.’ I’ve learned over the past seven weeks that ‘QUICKLY’ is subjective. 

SEVEN. FUCKING. WEEKS. And they’re not done. Because they came in to fix a fuck-up (fuck-up number 40571845 in the past few weeks!) and just informed me that there’s a leak in the tub. Just as I was thinking, “well, that’s what started this whole disaster in the first place so you better fix it,” he tells me there’s a CRACK IN MY TUB. How does that even happen?! 

I’m so done right now. They replaced the fan and didn’t install it properly. They ruined my hallway walls with their mud and grout. They took chunks out of my walls. And they didn’t even finish the first bathroom before they started on my second bathroom. They have used my son’s face cloth for their toxic putty and other shit. They’ve ruined every single door mat I own. They’ve stained my bathroom mats. I’ve told them daily that the cat is not allowed outside, only to find the front door and garage door wide open! They show up whenever they want – which is usually about 2hrs in the mornings and 2hrs in the afternoons. And they’ve gone missing and don’t show up for 3 days at a time. 

And now, just when we thought we were finally done, they tell me there’s a crack in my god damn tub! 

MM is fucking livid! And so am I. 

I just want them to get their shit done and get the fuck outta my house!”

Her response…


My sentiments exactly. 

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. 

The End 

No Such Thing As Quality Work Anymore


It’s been almost 6 weeks – SIX LONG, STRENUOUS, STRESSFUL WEEKS – since they started renovating my main bathroom. This is the room they said would be done “quickly.” 

Evidently, the word “quickly” is subjective. 

Not only is it not done yet, but it’s not done properly and we’ve had to do some of the work ourselves. Hell, our ensuite (that they did before the main bathroom) isn’t even finished yet! 

We made sure to order everything we needed before the renovations even started. Everything was here and ready to be installed before the contractor even showed up. We were trying to cut time and make things go smoothly for the renovation guys. 

And yet we’ve still done a good part of the work ourselves because we just want it done already. 

MM did the painting last week because he was tired of waiting on the contractor. And we still don’t have flooring. But yet they tell me they’ll be done by next Tuesday. Yeah, fucking right. I’ll believe that when I see it. 

MM installed a new light last night and one of the end screws had a burr. Nothing – and I mean absolutely NOTHING – has gone right for us during this reno. The tile guy broke some tiles, they’ve taken days off at a time and left my house a mess, there are chunks of wall they’ve ruined throughout the house because of their tools that have slammed into my walls, there’s tiling mud and drywall mud on every surface from my garage to my bathroom, they don’t listen to instruction (even when they ask!) and they do what they want anyway, and the drywall guy didn’t mud all the holes they made in the walls. 

MM also installed the mirror and the above-the-toilet cabinet because he’s tired of waiting on the contractor. I’m sure the sink and toilet would have been installed too but we don’t have flooring yet. And we don’t have the tools to install the flooring. Or we’d do that ourselves as well. 

We had to replace part of the wall that attaches to my bedroom because of the black mold that we found, so now I have to renovate my bedroom as well. They ruined the flooring in my bedroom while they were “fixing” other issues so new floors and new paint are needed in the bedroom. We have decided to do that ourselves. 

Here’s the best part – MM and I are almost done the bedroom in one week before the bathroom renos are done in SIX. 

I’ve decided to do all future renovations myself to cut costs and time. Because these guys are fucking useless. 

Did I also mention that they’re complete pigs?? No? Well, they are. And they left my house a disaster each night at 4pm when they left. And they only showed up for a few short hours every day. Some days they didn’t show up until 2pm! When you work only two hours a damn day, it’s no wonder it takes you fucking forever to get shit done. 

This is my garage door, covered in tiling mud, that’s nowhere near my bathroom. And they didn’t even mix the mud in the garage – they mixed it in my ensuite bathroom and effectively ruined every bathmat I had on the floor. So how the hell does tiling mud end up on my garage door?? Your guess is as good as mine. And this is almost every wall from the garage to the bathroom. Every damn wall. 

I am in shock and awe at the disaster these guys leave in my house every day that they’re here. I have spent more time cleaning lately than working because they’re fucking pigs. Even after I’ve blatantly asked them to clean up after their done, they don’t.

And how many fucking times do I have to explain that the cat is not allowed outside because he’s an indoor cat?? Every. Fucking. Day. 

Almost daily I’ve found the cat in the garage, in the bathroom being renovated (where they leave buckets of water, mud, and other miscellaneous liquids), or near the open front door because these guys don’t get it. It finally got to the point where I yelled through the house at them, “KEEP THE DAMN DOORS CLOSED!” 

That was about two weeks ago – I’ve found the cat in the garage a couple times since then. 

Luckily, MM used to work in construction and he knows what he’s doing so we’ve decided never to use contractors again unless it’s something we can’t handle ourselves because it takes us just as long to do things ourselves and at least we know it’s done right. 

I’ve tried really hard to stay out of the way so the reno guys can get this shit done and get out. But I can’t trust them alone in my house. Supervising these guys is the worst babysitting job I’ve ever had. A three year old child is better behaved and listens better than any of the renovations guys that have walked through my door in the past six weeks. Glorified babysittting – that’s what the past few weeks of my life have been all about. 

This is my renovation horror story. And it continues…