Unless You’re Perfect, STFU


I am absolutely appalled. Where has professionalism gone?? What’s happened to the media?? And how do these guys not know better than to bitch and complain about players even though the microphones are supposedly turned off?! 

Ok, I’ll admit, I missed the first period of the Calgary Flames game because I was working a CHL game last night. Irregardless, I saw the last 40 minutes of the game and it was…disappointing. 

The Anaheim Ducks did what they do best and got in the heads of the Flames again. They’re good at what they do and the Calgary team should have been prepared for that. But they weren’t. And they lost. In Anaheim. Again. Meh, whatever – back to Calgary we go! 

And then there’s these guys

To say that some of the Flames players have no brains, or that they’re stupid, especially when you’re on a platform that announces your words to thousands, tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of people, is the dumbest possible action that could be taken. 

My questions for those ridiculous announcers; have you never made a mistake in life? Have you never embarrassed yourself in front of others? Were you loudly called out by anyone who witnessed your faux pas? Because, if you’re perfect, by all means, go ahead and judge away and be really mean about it. But, in my estimation, your faux pas happened now and I’m calling you out because what you said was wrong on every level. 

Maybe some of us were thinking it. Maybe some of us partly agreed with you. But at least we had the decency to leave it alone and let Dougie and Brodie deal with their mistakes – which I’m sure they felt awful about. 

There are some things that should go unsaid. And this was one of those moments. 

But there’s always those assholes who have to make themselves feel better for their shortcomings by calling out others on their mistakes. And those idiots usually get what’s coming to them. In this case, I hope they get shipped off to Russia to announce minor league hockey. 

Dougie, Brodie, don’t let these dickheads get to you. Don’t let their words discourage you. Just learn from your mistakes, shake it off, and get back in the game. You’re not brainless, stupid people. You’re elite players in one of the best leagues in the world and you’ve earned it. So keep playing your game and make the real Flames fans proud. 

Go Flames! 


Calgary Flames Fizzle In Game 1 Loss To Ducks At Honda Center


It was a train wreck made of bad decisions, but there’s still hope that the Calgary Flames can win this series.

It wasn’t meant to be. Instead of breaking the curse of the Honda Center, the Flames added another notch to the bedpost with 28 consecutive losses. Perry, Getzlaf, and Kesler got into their heads and won the psychological battle in game 1.

1st Period

Before the puck even dropped, Kesler was at Kris Versteeg, chirping and shoving as the ref finally dropped the puck. It didn’t take long, less than a minute and an early powerplay in fact, for the Ducks to open the scoring and take a 1-0 lead. But the Flames found the equalizer on their own powerplay when Sean Monahan batted one home. Later in the period, thanks in part to Sam Bennett and Deryk Engelland who took penalties at the same time, the Flames killed off a 5 on 3 to keep the score tied 1-1 to finish 20 minutes of play.

It wasn’t a bad first period for the Calgary Flames, except their defense needed to tighten up and the offence needed to skate harder after the first 20 if they were hoping to win this game.

2nd Period

The second period was full of sloppy hits and subtle jabs from pairings on the ice. Kesler took after Micheal Frolik in front of the benches, Getzlaf and Dougie Hamilton became friendly in the end zone, and many more players got away with slashing, hooking, and holding calls. The one shining moment of this game came after Versteeg made a nifty pass behind his back to the front of the Ducks net where Bennett snuck in and potted one to put the Flames up 2-1. It would be their only go ahead goal. Tkachuk made a good play at Center ice when he tripped one of the Ducks while on his hands and knees (no call!) and ended up in a tangled mess. The refs skated over immediately before Tkachuk could get himself into hot water, but I found myself yelling, “let them go!” The lack of defense in front of the Flames net was note-worthy as it led to the Ducks tying the game due to a 3-man advantage in front of Brian Elliott. Where the hell were the Flames players? Making a really bad change that left Elliott out to dry. It was 2-2. And then the parade of penalties started when Hamilton took a ridiculous tripping call and Lance Bouma was tagged for goalie interference. The Flames were lucky to be down by only a goal to end the second period 3-2.

That stupid offside review has ruined the game for me. Every time the team is even close to being offside, I find myself hoping they won’t score in fear that a review with reverse the call on the ice. I hate this damn rule.

3rd Period

The third period was a train wreck for the visiting team. Typically, they just can’t beat the Honda Center curse. Johnny Gaudreau suffered with numerous giveaways and bad decisions, Dougie took more stupid penalties, and Mark Giordano took a questionable hit by Getzlaf (the same kind of hit that Ducks fans bitched about when it happened to their team!). No, Ducks fans, Giordano was not wrecked, as you so passionately  and eloquently claimed. He was fine and played out the rest of the game. At the end of the game, with very little time left on the clock, the Flames had a sliver of hope as the Ducks took two penalties to give the visitors a 5 on 3. But it wasn’t meant to be. The Flames took the loss and the Ducks took a 1-0 series lead.

Notable Stats

Forward Mikael Backlund logged the most time on ice with 20:12. Mark Giordano led the defensemen with 26:44. Kris Versteeg notched 2 points. And Brian Elliott ended with a save percentage of .927.

My Star Of The Game

Matthew Tkachuk. He was the only player who played consistently well. He played his game, he set the pace when he was on the ice, and he’s too young to allow the curse of the Honda Center to really sink into his mind yet. Tkachuk, with two shots on goal and 2 hits, played hard-hitting, youthful hockey and didn’t let the Ducks interfere with his role.

My Take

I didn’t think the Flames would win at the Honda Center last night, but I didn’t realize they’d lose in such epic fashion. What kind of line change was that in the second period?? They realize this is playoff hockey, right? There’s no room for those kinds of massive errors this time of year. But I’m sure they feel shitty enough and won’t allow it to happen again. They let the Ducks and their fans get into their heads before the game even started and that leads the Ducks to win at home every single time.

My Advice

Let it go, Flames. Don’t let the curse get into your head before you step foot on the ice. Play your game, take control, and you should dictate the pace. If you can allow that to happen, the curse will end.