Fiction Writing


I’ve been trying to find time to write. I promised myself weeks ago that I’d make time for my writing this year. It’s February and I’ve barely written a word so far. 

It’s not that I don’t have ideas or thoughts or story lines. There are a shitload of them whirling around in my mind. I just don’t have the time to get them on paper or on the laptop. 

I am constantly babysitting; construction guys, kitten, kid, MM. Someone always needs something from me. That takes up the majority of my time. 

Or I’m at the rinks. Minor hockey, senior hockey, work…I’m at the rink at least five days a week. I should just take a pillow and sleep in the stands. 

Or I’m dealing with school obligations. Dropping off forgotten lunches, school functions, teacher conferences, or dealing with other school issues. When you have school-aged kids, you’re constantly running back and forth. 

Or I’m running to basketball practice. My son has decided to try basketball this season. And, just my luck, it overlaps hockey games. My schedule is nuts. 

Or I’m sleeping. Not that I get a lot of sleep, but I do manage about 4-6 hours each night after hockey practices, babysitting the renovation guys, taking care of the kitty, cooking, cleaning, laundry, making school lunches, basketball practice, travelling for hockey games, and trying to remain sane. 

It’s not as easy as I make it look. 

So, yeah, my writing has been pushed aside for a while. Again. I’m sure I’ll get back at it…someday. 

Another Day On The Road With Minor Hockey


It’s a blustery day out and the roads are slick, but, for this minor hockey family, we have obligations. 

As we roll out of the city, after some of the coldest weather we’ve had all year (-40c anyone??), I’m concerned about the state of travel. The roads have been horrible lately and travel has been not recommended on many roads in the rural area until today. 

But we have an obligation to these kids and to the team. 

So I packed a bag today and included all the necessities that go along with winter travel on the Canadian prairies. Not only do I have just my son, but we’re taking one of his hockey buddies as well. 

This weather freaks me the fuck out. But we drive on. 

After all we have been through today, my hope is that these kids can finally win an out of town game. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us.