More Renos – Day 2


Day 2 and this is what you get when people renovate a house and don’t know what they’re doing. They punched a hole in my wall. Assuming the entire wall was made of concrete and there was no space to get wires around the walls, they ended up going through the walls. Until I showed them the 1-inch space between the concrete and drywall.  

But still, there’s now a hole the size of my fist in the downstairs wall. Granted, the electrician talked to his boss about the situation, but he obviously didn’t explain himself thoroughly and they all came to the wrong conclusion about how to deal with the situation. And then I showed them the right way. 

And then I talked directly to the owner of the company. He was good about it and said he’d pay for the repairs. But, still, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Anyway, the electrician showed up at 8am (which was nice to see!) and he worked hard all morning (even nicer!), and he worked through his coffee break (do people even do that anymore??). When he returned after lunch, he worked hard again and got almost everything done. Until we discovered the hole in my son’s wall downstairs. Regardless, it was nice to finally see a service person showing up and working their ass off to get a job done.

One more day and this should all be finished. Yay!


More Renos – Day 1


I’m sick to death of these fucking service people.

What should be a 1-day job has ended up in 4 hours of “work.” And I use the term WORK loosely because for 4 hours the guy was here and gone, here and gone, here and gone. And I haven’t seen him since noon.

This is what I hired them for; hook up heating in my garage and run a separate outlet for my treadmill to be plugged in. This should only take a few hours.

He doesn’t even need to buy the heater or install it. I’ve already done the hard part! He literally just needs to run an electrical line to the heater. That’s it. And he couldn’t even get that done in 4 hours.

And he needs to fish line through my downstairs walls to a new outlet. I don’t think he even went downstairs today.

But, because I’m not an accredited electrician, I can’t do it myself even though I know exactly what I’m doing because government regulations won’t allow my work to be covered by insurance if anything goes wrong.

So here I sit, waiting…