A Day In My Life – Interruptions 


Here’s how my day has progressed so far. 

Woke up this morning to 22c weather and decided to take my coffee and book outside to relax. MM interrupted me because he had to get the grill going. 

I went into my office to get some work done. MM interrupted, needing to know where something was (it was in front of his face on the kitchen counter the entire time). 

Tried getting a run in on the treadmill, MM surprisingly interrupted to let me know he had to leave the house. 

J came at me barely two minutes later, wanting me to watch him practice pitch. 

What is it about headphones in my ears that makes people think, “I’m sure she’s not busy, I’ll interrupt her now”??

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. 

For the rest of the day, I’m going to sit in plain view and do absolutely nothing because I know I won’t get five minutes of peace today no matter how hard I try. So I give up. I’ll wait for tomorrow. 

And, just as I’m typing this, J needs help with his card tricks. 

Mothers intuition. 


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