Managing My Home Plate – Injuries Everywhere!


Last night was our last practice before our home tournament. It wasn’t a good practice. I realized just how rough of shape we’re in. 

One of our kids tweaked his ankle and had to sit out last night. Another kid got hit hard in the shoulder by a bouncing ball. One of the coaches kids hurt himself outside of ball and is getting x-rays and an MRI today. And my son, J, hurt his arm the other night. Last night was a mess. 

Another kid didn’t show up. This is his third missed practice. The coaches have been discussing what to do about this kids absence. And then everything changed with a short email from his dad. Apparently there have been some family issues and, with only two weeks left in the season, the kid quit the team. He won’t be around for the home tournament or provincials. Now we have to try to find a replacement – if that’s even allowed. 

On top of all that, I had to deal with the asshole at the top – the head of the entire baseball league in the city – who bitched to me because he didn’t get his way last night and his team had to practice on a different diamond because we wouldn’t let him have our diamond even though we were scheduled on our diamond last night. Petty bullshit. 

I’m at a complete loss. I’m frustrated and I can’t seem to fix this. My only hope is that the rest of the players heal up quickly and we have an actual team that shows up on Friday. 

Being a baseball mom/team manager is hard. 

Have I mentioned that I’m never doing this again…? 


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