Managing My Home Plate – My Work Is Done


I have spent many hours in front of my computer this week creating and organizing a team schedule and a workers schedule for our home tournament next weekend. And I’m finally done. 

I’ve also spent two days calling around small towns up north to find lodging for twelve baseball families because, with only three weeks notice, I was informed that we were bumped up in the league and we have to change the venue of our provincial attendance. 

The only hotel that had rooms available – because we were the last team to know – is managed by a man who doesn’t understand how baseball tournaments work. Most hotels will hold a block of rooms for a few days until all my baseball parents call to book them. This man refused to hold rooms and wanted me to pay for twelve rooms on my own credit card. When I asked if this was the first time he’s run a business, he hung up on me. I don’t think I have a room booked anymore. 

My worst fear is that only six kids will show up to Provincials and we won’t have enough to play. Which means it will be a wasted weekend for the ones who actually did book a room. And the tournament will be a disaster because our team will have to forfeit because we won’t have enough players. 

But that’s just me worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. Stupid anxiety. 

But first, our home tournament. My team schedule is done and submitted. My workers schedule is done and submitted. Hopefully they will both be approved in the next couple days and then my work will be done. 

Last night at practice, I noticed my son seemed extra tired and grumpy. Late last night, I heard him coughing on and off. Because of our wonderful timing during things like this, I’m fully expecting him to be sick today and throughout the home tournament. Another weekend of fun ruined by a sick bug that didn’t need to happen. Dammit. 

MM also has a sore throat today.  No cough, no stuffy nose, but his throat hurts just the same. Lovely. 

Today is Tuesday. What are the chances they can sick and over it by Friday?? 

So now I wait…


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