Managing My Home Plate – A Weekend Away


It’s Canada. The weather doesn’t always cooperate. Ok, it rarely cooperates. So we always need to have a contingency plan. And we do. Baseball was cancelled twice this week and we’re left with empty spaces on our calendar. 

This weekend, I’m going home! 

I’m taking my boy to his second rock show. Last year we saw Finger Eleven during the summer. This year we’ll get to see Bryan Adams at the new football stadium in Saskatchewan. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve returned home for a visit and I’ve been longing for this weekend. 

I miss my friends. I miss the city. I miss my old life. My son and I love our city life with the shopping, the people, and the coffee shops, and yet maintaining the feel of a small town. I’m so excited. 

I’m going home!! 


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