Summer Reading List


This summer, I’ll be spending a lot of time at the diamonds. We get there a half hour early to warm up and I’m always looking for something to do. So I usually have a book to read. 

Here is my summer reading list. 

Alice Hoffman has been one of my favourite authors since I read one of her previous novels, Here On Earth. Faithful is the story of a young woman whose life is changed through tragedy. And I’m thoroughly looking forward to Hoffman’s signature writing style. 

I’m not usually the suspense/thriller type of reader, but the story of a rafting excursion gone wrong is something I can’t say no to. I like adventure books and I’m anxious to read about this group of friends that go through the trials and tribulations of survival in the wild. 

Even though I’m not much of a drinker anymore, I understand the need to drink away our issues. In this memoir, I’m hoping the author can find redemption and enlightenment in her life, just as I have. 

Three books, three months, and a lot of time waiting during baseball season. This is my summer and I’m hoping to get through each book without disappointment. 

I will publish reviews as I finish the books. 


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