CHAPTER 6 – My World, Episode 2, The Return


I’m baaaaack!

Hey everyone! I’ve missed you so much! Sorry for the absence, but, for those who know me, I’m one hell of a busy girl. I know it took a little longer than I had planned to return, but I hope you enjoyed those old shows that the network re-played.

When I first moved home, I was staying with my mother for a little while. I’ve learned from my mistakes – a grown woman living with her mother is never a good idea. The good things never out-weigh the bad. For example, mom is a great cook and I got to eat like a queen lately. But it didn’t make up for the 6am wake-up calls when she would ask if I wanted to go shopping. AT SIX IN THE MORNING?? Are the stores even open that early? No. But she didn’t hesitate to wake me up at that ungodly hour and ask.

Needless to say, my realtor sister found me the perfect house – and fast. That’s how good my sis is at her job. Thanks, Sid! So I’m already moved into my new place and, on a completely unrelated note, my mother and I are getting along great now.

My first night home, my sister took me out for a couple of drinks at a local bar. This bar is still the same as when I was sixteen – half-dressed girls and oogling boys, most of whom are still underage. I wasn’t necessarily the oldest cougar in the bar, but that little punk didn’t have to point it out. Asshole.

And then there was the hottie at the bar. He caught my eye from across the room as the bartender asked if I was new in town. When I asked the bartender how he knew that I was new, he pointed to my shoes – my lovely, expensive, red-soled shoes that I refuse to give up just because this town prefers dollar-bin flip flops.

But I digress.

For the record, this city is not exactly a sausage-fest, so when a hot guy smiled at me from across the room, my interest piqued…until I found out he works for the radio station where I’ll be renting equipment to record my show.

During my first day at work, I was introduced to the sports director of the station and a succession of swear words flew through my mind. I should have known better. I don’t have horseshoes shoved up my ass like most people. Good bye sex life!

So, now I’m on the prowl again. Well, no, not really. Like I said, this city is seriously lacking in the hot men department and I’ve learned my lesson the hard way – even when you meet someone, chances are good that they’ll be off-limits for some unbelievable reason.

Yeah, I know, I’m making it sound like I’m living in hell – which, compared to the glamour of Hollywood, it kind of is – but I’m happy to be back with my family. And I’m sure I’ll adapt to the changes in time.

Don’t worry, LA friends, I’ll be back for a visit soon!

Hometown, I’m looking forward to some down-time!

And to the hot guy at the bar who works at the radio station, DAMN YOU!

I’m Sienna Jones – welcome to My World!


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