Hello Baseball!


Another season begins.

Minor baseball evaluations have been cancelled twice already because of the weather (welcome to Canada!) and it’s supposed to rain again tonight. But I don’t think it will matter. Tonight is the night.

Although my son plays basketball, golf, hockey, and baseball (yeah, we’re busy), I believe his best natural ability is in baseball. He’s got quick reflexes and he’s very physical which makes him good at his position of shortstop.

Ever since his first year in baseball, when he made a pivotal line-drive catch at third base to get the third out of the final inning and win their team’s first ever tournament, my son has fallen in love with the game. Back then, he was 6 years old.

This is the first year he has wanted to try out for the tiered baseball team and I’ve agreed to let him, on account that I feel he’s ready to take rejection. Last year, his love of ball clouded his judgement and I knew that if he didn’t get picked for the team he’d be a mess of tears and anger. I didn’t think he was emotionally prepared to tryout.

But this year is different. He understands the meaning of a team and that all decisions are based on what’s best for the team. Even if that meant that he couldn’t be part of it. He just gets it.

When I signed him up for tryouts, his coach from last season (the tiered team coach for this season) said to me, “expect him to play.” I was a little surprised. I know my boy is good at baseball because it doesn’t require the one on one aggression that hockey requires (which my son doesn’t have). This is the same reason why my kid has never been inclined to try out for the lacrosse or rugby team – he doesn’t have that natural aggression that is needed in a lot of sports. He’s more competitive with himself than with other people. Which is why he prefers golf and baseball.

But I didn’t think he was good enough to play on tiered teams. Evidently, I was wrong.

So, tonight is our first night of ball, and I hope he has fun. Most importantly, I hope he walks off the field feeling proud of himself for doing the best he could.

And I really don’t care whether or not he makes the tiered team. I just want him to enjoy the game.


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