Pick Your Battles – Bottle Flipping And Fidget Spinner Edition 


Listen, I know bottle flipping is annoying. And those fidget spinners seem like a ridiculous waste of money. I see them everywhere; at the hockey rinks, at the school, downtown, at the malls, in the doctor’s offices, at the coffee shop, and everywhere else. I don’t understand the point of either of them. And they get in the way of my son’s obligations sometimes. 


My son has half-filled bottles of water littering my garage, deck, and front step. And I won’t move them. He also bought himself two fidget spinners and I didn’t complain about him wasting money. 


My son is nine. And trouble seems to follow nine year old boys around like a lost puppy dog. Instead of him vandalizing other people’s property (or mine), I allow him and his friends to flip as many bottles as they want for as long as they want. Because that’s how they bond as friends. It’s their quality time together. 

Instead of him bullying other kids, he’s inviting them to join in their bottle-flipping fun when they’re out in public. I see no value in the actual bottle flipping, but I see my son making new friends and enjoying time with his already-established friends as long as they aren’t bothering anyone else. 

Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve told my son and his friends to take it elsewhere if I feel they’re getting in the way at the rink, park, or anywhere else we might be. If they’re annoying someone else who might be near us, they are told to take it somewhere else or put it away. I’m not a completely ignorant parent afterall. It’s a matter of respect. But I digress. 

Instead of ripping my house apart and making a mess, my son sits quietly in the front window and plays with his fidget spinner. 

Instead of sitting in front of a screen for hours on end, he spins a gadget in his fingers and we have lengthy conversations while I make dinner. 

My point is that he’s not getting into trouble. He’s not ruining things. And he’s spending time with people he wants to be with. 

I understand that the bottle flipping and the fidget spinners are annoying and practically useless, but I’d be more concerned if the police drove my son home because he got his hands on a can of spray paint and ruined the neighbours house. I’d rather pay $12 for a spinner than $1200 to replace a garage door. I’d rather he spend time with his friends flipping bottles than bullying kids in the park. 

I’m not saying my kid would do bad things like that – I hope I’ve raised him better than that. But, lets face it, there’s always potential to get into trouble when you’re a nine year old boy. 

So I won’t complain if they want to flip bottles or spin those fidget spinners for hours. 

Besides, back in my day, we had a thing called yo-yos that my parents just hated. And I’ve still got mine. 


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