Another Season Of Baseball


Usually I get really excited for baseball season (because my NHL hockey team sucks and I have no one to cheer for during playoffs), but this year is a little different. 

It’s day one of baseball and it’s already been cancelled because winter just won’t fuck off. It’s snowing again. Which isn’t much of a surprise here in Canada. 

Thursday is supposed to be our second night of baseball but it’s likely that ball will be cancelled that night as well. Stupid snow. 

On the other hand, the behind-the-scenes, political, self-serving entitlement of some of the coaches makes me nauseated and I’m not ready to deal with it after the bullshit we went through during hockey season. Why do adults have to make kids sports so complicated?? 

I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting season. I’m hoping to avoid all the parental bullshit. I have a feeling I’ll be sitting by myself a lot on the outside of the fence. 

And I’m not sorry. 

Here’s a random thought; can we just let the kids play and allow them to have fun? 

That would be great. 


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