Life With My Crazies – Quality Time


Today was a good day. 

I had a couple of appointments in the morning and then I spent some quality time with my son. 

After we got home this afternoon, we took a walk to the mall that’s near our house. It was only about -5c and it was the perfect day to get some fresh air. We walked and talked and laughed together. I felt so relaxed. 

We stopped at the pet store to say hi to the SPCA kitty that was there before making our way to the bookstore. We wandered around in our own literary worlds for a while. We found a book each and I treated us. We grabbed some groceries before heading out and returning home. 

On the way home, my heart broke a little when my son looked at me and said, “it’s been a really boring week since I’ve been out of school. Especially today.” I had been so relaxed and content to spend time doing things I assumed we liked (visiting the kitty and looking for new books to read), but I guess I was wrong. 

I’m feeling really bad about myself as a mother right now because my son wasn’t happy. But it still doesn’t take away from the fact that I, myself, had a good day. 


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