I’m In Hell


This is ridiculous. We explained our plans before any of our renovations began and the construction guys just aren’t getting it. 

What a gongshow. 

We explained to the contractor that we wanted our showerhead lower, we were putting tile on the ceiling above the shower, and we literally drew on the walls where the sink cabinet, mirror, and the above-the-toilet cabinet were going to go. 

They screwed up every single one of those things. So now they’re pissed off that they have to go back and do it again. 


After this bathroom is done, I’m taking a break from renovations. I have a couple more weeks of this bullshit – contractors who don’t listen, electricians who know more than the tile guys, and people who simply don’t take a woman’s words seriously and do what they want anyway (which is wrong on every damn level!) – and I’m done with it. I’m not renovating anything for a while afterwards. 

I have another bathroom that needs renos, my kitchen needs to be gutted, and my deck is falling off my house, but fuck it. It can stay that way until I mentally recharge enough to be able to deal with this shit again because I’m at my limit right now. If I snap, it will be because they aren’t listening. 

So MM has taken over. Poor guy has become the middle man. And he’s dealing with it well enough because he won’t put up with their shit. He asks me what I want, we work out a plan, and then he relays that information to the contractors. Simple enough. 

But they’re still screwing shit up. And MM is having none of it. He worked in construction for many years before moving into the oil industry so he has a good idea of how things work. And he refuses to deal with shitty work. If it’s not perfect, he’s not happy and he’ll make them do it the exact way he wants it (which is actually the way I want it). 

Why are these men so quick to blow me off?? When I explain what we had agreed on, why do they not listen to instruction?? And why do they insist on doing things the way they want?? This isn’t their house and they should have more respect. 

And, no, they will not be hired by me again. 

I can’t wait until this renovation hell is over. 


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