Managing The Rink – Disappointment


What’s more disappointing than watching your kids minor hockey team lose? Not being there to see them play. 

Every season the kids have an overnight tournament and it’s the highlight of the year for kids and parents. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months. 

But I can’t go. 

MM and my son will be on their way Friday to stay two nights in a small town that’s four hours away. And I’ll be at home alone. 

Well, not alone per ce, but at home with a kitty who is scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow. Once he’s out, I have to make sure he’s healing properly, eating and drinking, and not getting an infection. 

No, I can’t delay the surgery because I have no other days open until next month. I have to get it done on one of two days that I have nothing scheduled this month. Yes, that’s right, I only have two days on my calendar with nothing written down. It’s been another busy month. So I have to get this surgery done as soon as possible. 

Which means I’m staying home from the one weekend that I booked off work and have been looking forward to since September. Life is such a kick in the pants sometime. But I have to take care of my kitty. It’s non-negotiable. And the boys can have their fun at the tournament without me. 



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