Managing The Rink – “THAT” Parent 


At my son’s game the other day, I was mortified by one of the other teams parents. I’ve never heard anything so disgusting in all the time I’ve spent in rinks. And I couldn’t just sit there and let it happen without getting involved. 

It was a close game. The teams were evenly matched. And I knew some of the oppositions players and parents. Actually, I was fraternizing with the enemy by sitting with a hockey mom from the other team. It was all in good fun though because her and I are friends. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while so it gave us the chance to catch up. 

The game was tied, the kids looked to be having fun together, and the parents were seemingly enjoying the game as well. It was a good day so far and a great game. 

Until one of the kids on the other team lost an edge and slammed into the end boards. Every parent in my vicinity was on their feet, hoping to see if the kid was okay. 

Except for that one asshole. This prick yelled out, “aw, get up, ya big baby!” 

Every parent in the stands went silent as a result of this asshat’s comment. 

Except me. 

I stood up on my bench, called across to the jerk, and said, “hey, dude, I really hope you feel terrible right now for saying that because YOU SHOULD! These kids are 9 and 10 years old so you need to sit down and shut up!”

I was beyond livid. I couldn’t believe the nerve of that hockey dad. How dare he! What if it had been his kid? What if the kid was seriously hurt? He didn’t know, and neither did anyone else as we all sat there holding our collective breath. 

Luckily, a few minutes later, the kiddo on the ice got up (with some help from one of his coaches) and skated off the ice by himself to a flurry of stick taps from the players and cheering by the spectators. I talked to his dad the next day and his dad told me he hurt his thumb, but it should heal up rather nicely. 

And the asshat who yelled out at the kid who got hurt, that asshole has been sitting alone at the rink every game since then because he fucking deserves it. 



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