2017 Seems…Fun?


We are back to the grind! 

Life as we know it is back on track…sort of. The kid has hockey tonight and then I have to work. School starts again tomorrow and my schedules and routines will be reinstated. Thank goodness! 

Well, except for one minor detail. The cat is now sick.

Yes, the kitty we adopted right after Christmas is now not feeling well and we have to constantly monitor him because he’s got an upset tummy. (I’m a mom – it’s no longer a stomach, it’s forever a tummy.) 

I woke up this morning to some crude sounds in my ensuite bathroom (which is where I’ve been keeping a second litter box overnight). I peeked around the corner to find that this poor, sweet boy has diarrhea. The worst part is that there was a small bit of blood in his stool as well. And now I’m on a quest to find out the cause and solution to this problem. 

I noticed he was a bit bloated last night and was gassy. Yes, a cat that farts. But I just assumed he had eaten too much and needed to digest. This morning told me a different story. 

So, like anyone else would, I took to Google to find some answers. It said it could be anything from indigestion to parasites to cancer. He’s not even 7 months old so I ruled out cancer. He’s an indoor cat and has never been outside so I ruled out parasites. Through the process of elimination (I’m not sorry about this pun because it’s hilarious!) I’ve decided it’s probably indigestion. So now I’m trying to figure out the cause. 

It’s been a whirlwind week for all of us in this house. The holidays are a special kinda of hell for everyone. We eat shit we shouldn’t eat and we pay for it later. Then we deal with people we don’t want to deal with. We are all under a lot of stress. 

And then we brought home this sweet kitty who climbed the walls with happiness in the first couple days. Throw in another potential adoption (we didn’t keep that kitty, but he stayed with us for a couple days and caused everyone a lot of stress) and this baby kitty was a little on edge for a couple days until he realized the other cat was gone. 

I was sure I bought the exact same food as the SPCA was giving him, but maybe I didn’t. I can’t be 100% sure because I never saw the bag of food at the SPCA. But I did try to give him a small amount of soft cat food to try. Maybe that’s what did it. 

My point is that it’s been a crazy week for everyone at this house, including this darling little feline. And now I’m wondering if his upset tummy could have been caused from stress. 

Regardless, I’ll be calling the SPCA when it opens today to talk to the people who work there. Hopefully they will have some definitive answers for me about why Clove isn’t feeling well and how I can fix it. 

He’s such a good kitty and he’s fit in well in our house. I won’t send him back to the SPCA. He’s all mine now. But I really want him to feel better so he’s happy here, like he was in the beginning.  

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated. 


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