Life With My Crazies – The Uninvited Guest


Every holiday for over a year, we’ve had an uninvited guest. Every single holiday. 

MM’s sister has invited herself to our house for the past year during every holiday. No, she didn’t ask and, no, we didn’t say yes. She would just announce to complete strangers in front of us that she would be at our house during the next holiday. 

Then, when we ask her to help out and bring apple pies for Christmas dinner, she flat out said no. Nothing like helping out during a holiday she wasn’t even invited to! But that’s how she rolls. 

And god forbid she lift a finger while she’s here to help clean up. Hell no! During  Thanksgiving (another holiday she invited herself to), she sat at the kitchen table and watched me, MM, and my mom do dishes. So, tonight, after dinner, I flat out told her to take her dishes to the sink, rinse them off, and put them in the dishwasher BECAUSE I’M NOT HER MAID. That’s how I roll. 

Later, as I made coffee for us, she proceeded to tell me that there’s no espresso in chai lattes. I explained that it depends on the place where you get it because some places do put espresso in their chai lattes. Her response was a loud, resounding, “WELL THEY’RE DOING IT WRONG!” I held my hands up in front of me and took a step back. “Ok,” I said, “I believe you.” And I walked away and hid in my office behind a locked door for two hours in fear of being yelled at again in my own home

As I sat in my office, contemplating what the fuck was going on, I realized, this is my damn house and my damn holiday that I’m hosting. If she doesn’t like it, she can uninvite herself right now. But, instead of going into the kitchen and explaining my newfound epiphany, I drank half a bottle of Bailey’s with my coffee and now I’m too tired to give a shit. 

I’ll deal with her tomorrow. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just hide in my office for a few more days until she leaves. 

Honestly though, I told MM he had to talk to his sister about respect and how she needs to start asking to spend holidays with us because it’s fucking rude when she invites herself all the time. 

Can you tell I’ve had enough of the bullshit?? Well, I have. I’m tired of people walking all over me. And I’m tired of MM making excuses for his family’s shitty behaviour. If it was my sister, I’d be the one to have the discussion, but it’s not because my sister knows better. 

And this is an uninvited guest. Imagine how forceful she’d be if she had actually been invited

Merry fucking Christmas to me. 


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