Life With My Crazies – Cat Lady


The Crazies are baaaaaaack! 

My sister is finally home. I only see her about twice each year because she lives in a different country and I’m usually too busy to travel. 

She arrived in the city yesterday to spend time with my parents, but even she can only take so much. After about two hours of my dad bitching about their politics, my sister and brother-in-law had had enough and said they were stopping by my place for a visit before dinner. 

She asked what I got my son for Christmas and I explained that I’m going to let him adopt a kitten. My sister had been in my home for barely five damn minutes before she went all judge-y judgerson on me. 

There was no, “congrats!” or any kind of excitement for us. Instead, she saw my house plants and proceeded to tell me about all the ones in my house that would be poisonous to cats. Um, yeah, I guess she’s forgotten that I’ve had cats in the past and those kinds of things stick in your memory. But thanks. 

And then she went on to tell me that, because I’m not at home very much, I should get two cats instead of just one so they won’t get lonely. Uuuuuh, what?! When am I not home?? I go to the rink everyday, but it’s never for longer than three hours. Other than that, I’m always home. Does she seem to think I live a wanderers lifestyle and I’m always travelling abroad?! 

I guess it was my mistake to share my life with my sister. And to talk to a self-proclaimed cat guru about adopting another cat. My bad. Lesson learned. 

And that’s only one part of the family in one day. I have tons more family coming in the next few days. 

Pray for me. 


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