The Subtle Insult

MM and I have lived together for over a decade. He knows how relationships work. Well, at least I thought he did. I was wrong. 

When it comes to cooking and baking, I’m no expert. Actually, I quite hate it. But I do it because I want MM and my son to be happy and healthy. 

I find new recipes, I try new baking treats, and sometimes they’re a hit or a miss. Either way, I try. 

Most times I barely get a thank-you and a bro-hug after trying my hardest to make something new and interesting that both these boys might like. So when my attempts to cook and bake are overlooked, I get a little annoyed, but I move on. 

During the holidays, the ladies at MM’s work try sucking up by sending treats home with MM. I was downright insulted last week when MM gushed over one lady’s cookies, calling them, “the best cookies in the world!” But I let it go. 

The next day, when he started having an oral orgasm over those same cookies again, I finally said, in my passive-aggressive way, “I wish you bragged about my cooking and baking this much.” 

It should have been a hint for him to shut the fuck up, but he didn’t get it. 

Last night, after dinner, he did it again – he gushed over some cinnamon loaf that another lady had sent home for us. 

And I had heard enough. 

I explained that I’m tired of doing something I hate (cooking) every single day and letting everyone else take the glory when they send things home for us. It’s the ultimate insult when he fawns over other people’s food because I work at cooking and baking more than just once every day and all I get is a god-damn bro-hug. Not once has he ever excitedly complimented my food. Ever. 

The only two people who above-rank me in the food department are his mother and my mother. And I can accept that. Because, honestly, their cooking is fantastic and I aspire to be more like them. 

But having to compete with some lady that I barely see each year because she sent home fucking cookies for my family?? Hell no, I’m not competing with that. 

So, I’ve made an executive chef decision. I’m not cooking this week. I’m done. I’m out. He can make his own fucking meals for a few days. I’ll make Christmas dinner because I have a lot of people expecting it from me. But that’s it. I’ve given up cooking and baking duties until someone can learn to appreciate what they have. 

I just don’t understand why he feels the need to gush about others food when he doesn’t even appreciate mine. It sure as hell doesn’t motivate me to cook or bake more for him. 

The solution isn’t even that hard to figure out. It’s quite simple actually. Like I said to MM last night, “why can’t you brag about their cooking behind my back like every other typical guy??” 


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