The Wrap Up


As you know, I’ve been going through extensive renovations since I bought my house and one project is nearing completion. 

It’s been a long month of everyone playing musical beds while new drywall was being chipped away and re-plastered. I don’t know anyone who actually likes drywall dust – I sure as hell don’t! 

But my contractor (aka, friend) had been wonderful during he duration. He’s been accommodating and understanding – especially last week when I was deathly sick in bed for two days. He’s amazing. And his work is phenomenal. I am so happy. 

The shower was installed, the toilet was replaced, and I bought a new vanity and countertop. I still have to find a mirror (I’m looking for a round or oblong Parisian style black mirror similar to the gilded ones of Victorian times, which is apparently not that easy to find!) and I just painted the above-toilet cabinet because it was still in really good condition. The flooring is new, the paint is new, and the lights were new just before they destroyed the old bathroom. 

Here’s a pic of the new wall colour and vanity cabinet. 

The new shower was installed as well. 

And here’s a pic of the old above-toilet cabinet I repainted. 

The lights haven’t been installed yet, hence the crappy colour in the pics, but at least it’s well on its way! 

If you remember, this is what it used to look like. 

So, I’d say progress is being made! 

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will get done by Christmas. 


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