The Queen Of Common Sense


I’m not the type to beat around the bush. I call a spade a spade. And I don’t play stupid adult games. And I expect the same from other people. 

If I’m acting like an asshole, I fully expect someone to call me out on it. If they don’t, I’ll seriously question their friendship. Good friends help you to become a better person. 

As well, I’ll call out anyone for their stupidity. For example, a friend that I lost touch with recently found me on social media. 

Now I remember why we lost touch – he likes to play games, I do not. He’s combative and goes against a lot of things that other people say. I don’t understand how he has any friends at all. Or maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know what his life is like. But his life on Facebook looks seriously pathetic. 

Maybe it’s just Facebook. Maybe it’s time for me to delete my account. The only reason I created a Facebook page was for work, and I don’t work for that company anymore. 

Hmmm, I need to think about this more… 


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