The Crazies Are Back!


It’s getting close to Christmas time again which means only one thing – THE CRAZIES HAVE RETURNED!

As you’ve probably read in earlier posts, after the summer incident with my family, I’m done with them. I’ve had enough of their bullshit and I’m ready to leave it all behind once and for all. 

So, last night, when one of them confronted me at work and began to pick at all my flaws, I unkindly told them to back the fuck off because I don’t need their shit anymore. 

And when I was invited to a family Christmas gathering, it felt good to say, “no, I won’t be there” even though The Crazies demanded reasons for my absence. 

I have officially walked away. I’m don’t with their drama, their shame, and their negativity. I won’t be part of it any longer. 

And I’m quite proud of myself for keeping myself calm and collected through the anxiety that plagued me. 


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