Ensuite Renovation, Day 1 



Have I mentioned that I’m really happy that these renos have started?? Well, I am. 

And I have the best contractor. He’s someone I trust and, even though I’m not around a lot, I know he’ll be fine to work on his own. He texts me if he has questions and I know he won’t walk off with a bunch of my belongings. 

He’s also been a friend of mine since high school. He’s done all my renovations in the past few years and I love his work. Have I mentioned that he has a great sense of humour?? Because he does. And we get along really well. Always have. 

Ok, I’ll stop bragging him up and get on with the renovations. 

They opened the shower to find that there was no base included in the packaging. Good start. But I called my hardware store guy, Pete (you might remember his name from one of my earlier updates when I ranted about everything that was wrong with this house and how I got fucking hosed), and Pete told me there was a box with my name on it in the back room. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was the base of my shower. And it was! Woohoo! That could have been a really bad situation if I had to order another base. 

So my contractor and the guys who work for him installed the fan above the shower before the base showed up, so it’s not like they were standing around doing nothing while I went back to the hardware store. The fan is so quiet! The old one sounded like a freight train was about to come through the wall. And MM surprised me by getting a Bluetooth ceiling fan, which means I can have music streaming into my shower! So damn cool. 

Honestly, it’s not too bad of a start. A couple of minor things went wrong but they were easily fixed. I’m fully expecting a few more major issues along the way because I’m a realist. But at least my renos have started. And, for now, I have a smile on my face. 


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