My Most Influencial Parenting Moment


The family member that always feels the need to parent my child and make judgements on my parenting set me up for my moment. And I took it. Wow, did I take it! I used my opportunity to stick up for all the mothers out there who don’t get their moment.

She said that her and another childless friend were sitting around talking about kids one day and her friend commented on how irresponsible it was that parents let their kids run around the hockey rink unattended.

Seriously, how could I possibly let that comment go without saying anything?? I didn’t.

My soliloquy is something I will forever be proud of and went something like this;

“Does she have kids in hockey? No. Does she have kids at all? No. I can’t believe the nerve that some people have to pass judgement on parenting issues that they have no idea about.

First of all, what if the mother was busy with team business, or her other kids, or the coaching staff? What if she had something else to do besides chase her kid around a rink? It’s not like she had left the rink completely. Regardless, hockey kids aren’t the same as kids running around a park or public area. Hockey culture is different. Unless you have a kid in hockey, no one has the right to judge the kids or parents because it’s not even close to being the same as being in a mall or restaurant.

Why was your friend at the hockey rink during kids games anyway? If she doesn’t like the way parents deal with their kids at the rink, maybe she should find somewhere else to hang out. There are plenty of places she could have been where other people’s kids wouldn’t annoy her so much (bars, lounges, her own home, etc…) – maybe she should go there instead of passing judgement on parents and their kids who make hockey a part of their lives. And that’s what hockey is – it’s a lifestyle. Maybe your friend was in the way and people were annoyed that she was there when she didn’t have any kids playing. Just sayin’.

Why would your friend even comment at all? She may as well have just walked up to that mother and told her what a shitty parent that woman is because that’s what it boils down to – the childless people who have the nerve to comment on the behaviour of other parents or kids think they are a better parent even though they don’t have kids and don’t have a damn clue. What arrogance!

Did she say something to the kid about their behaviour? Yes?? Wow. I’m surprised that mother didn’t rip your friend a new asshole. I would have. To assume that parenting someone else’s child is okay is like a slap across the face to that parent. How dare they assume that we are such bad parents that they feel the need to correct the behaviour of our children. If my child is misbehaving, I take control and deal with the situation. Childless people cannot rightfully make the call on what behaviour is right or wrong in our kids. 

I will not allow or tolerate anyone else parenting my child because I am a good mother. I wouldn’t allow anyone to parent any of the kids I know because I know all their parents and, even though our parenting tactics might differ, they’re all still good parents. We as parents are all fighting the same fight and hoping to win the battle – which is to raise good kids that grow into productive adults. For someone without kids to try to parent our children should be forbidden in any way, shape, or form because this isn’t their battle.

No one has the right to judge our parenting or parent our children ever. These are our kids and they are our responsibilities. And the sad part is that none of those childless people realize that we, as parents, are laughing our asses off at them behind their backs because WE KNOW. When they have their own kids, they’ll understand why we’re laughing at them. Until then, they need to step back and fuck off.

Like I always tell my child, ‘if you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, turn around and walk away.’ I think that’s damn good advice for people without children too. So now I’m parenting the childless people too because they can’t even parent themselves, let alone kids.”



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