Let The Games Continue


Now is when things get really hard. 

We’re finally back home, but things don’t get easier. There’s no down-time in my life. 

Tomorrow, my son goes back to school and I go back to work. Because of our unexpected four day vacation from real life, I have a ton of laundry and somehow I have to catch up on my cleaning. I don’t have a cleaning lady anymore because I fired her so I could pay for these bathroom renovations. Catch 22. 

On top of that, we have hockey practice and a game this week before we have to drive a few hours back to the hospital to pick up my dad, who had another two stints put in him. They say he will be fine in a few days after he rests and they monitor him for a few more days. Small victory. 

My renovation contractors have been calling me all weekend because they want to continue with my renos. But they can’t get in the house because I haven’t been home. They started to scrape the ceiling in my ensuite last week and they tore out more of the drywall so my bedroom is the least prettiest room in the house right now. They’ve been threatening to do another job on their list and bump me down to the bottom if I don’t let them continue soon. They’re so understanding. 

But that’s not the most interesting part. This is: I have no vehicle. My truck is a piece of shit. And, ever since the warranty ran out, it’s been acting up. My truck was acting strange again while we were travelling and I called the dealership while out of town because my engine light came on. Apparently my timing chain needs to be replaced and there’s a slip in my engine that makes my truck jerk sporadically. If you’re keeping up with numbers, that’s a $4000 bill just for the truck. My life is expensive. 

So upon returning home tonight, I turned off my phone, shut all the blinds, put my son to bed early, made a cup of tea, and then I sat down in my favourite chair in the dark. And I just sat there. For about two hours. I didn’t think of anything, I didn’t let emotions take over me, and I didn’t check my phone. I literally just sat there, staring at the walls with an empty mind while I drank my tea.

I am grateful for that moment. It’s the only moment of peace I’ve had in days. And I needed it. 

Now, let the games continue! 


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