Irritability Syndrome


After everything that I’ve gone through in life – and that’s 40 years of bullshit mixed in with a little bit of fun and happiness – I blame my Irritability Syndrome on other people. After all, if it wasn’t for other people’s nonsense, I’d probably be content and happy right now instead of eye-rolling myself into next week. Over the past year, while I was trying to accept the fact that I’m 40, I’ve become bitter. And now I know why. 

Irritability syndrome is a term I came up with recently because I realize that I’m sick and tired of other people shit. And when I’ve had enough, I get irritable. It happens all the time

For example, my irritability syndrome goes into the red when other people attempt to parent my child while I’m sitting right there. And my syndrome goes off the charts when those people are childless themselves. So I shushed this irritable family member who felt that they could parent my child better than I could. And this person looked completely horrified. Now you know how my kid feels, so shut up. I don’t feel I should be held responsible for my reaction to a childless person trying to parent my kid. It’s maternal instincts that force me to react and you can’t blame a mother for her instincts. 

Another thing that will set off my irritability syndrome is unsolicited advice. When I ask a question, just give me the most clear and simple answer. That’s it, that’s all. Do not go on and on about your “suggestions” or what you think I should be doing instead of doing what I’ve already decided. I don’t want your judgement, I want your opinion. There is a difference. So kindly take your judgement and shove it up your ass. 

Believe me, I could go on and on about how out of control my irritability syndrome at this point in my life, but I’ll stop there…for now. 

When life hands me lemons, I’m the type to throw them back at the fucker because I won’t take anyone’s shit anymore. And by lemons I actually mean stupidity. And there’s a lot of it. And it’s always in my face. 

So I’ve decided to work through my irritability issues by blogging about it and taking all of you for the ride. Because stupidity makes the world laugh through irritability. 

Fun times. 


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