Childless People Have No Logic Even Though They Have It All Figured Out


I don’t understand childless people. I used to be one, so I remember the basics, but my basics included logic. There doesn’t seem to be any logic to childless people any more. 

I hear it all the time, a child crying in public because they didn’t get their way. It happens. Kids throw fits and they don’t care where they are. This does not reflect the parenting skills of the parents. I know this because I have a relatively well behaved kid, but even he threw a couple of fits in public when he was little. 

Close by every child throwing a fit is a judgemental childless person who seemingly has it all figured out and bitches about kids throwing tantrums in public. The worst comment I’ve ever heard was, “why would you even take that kid out of the house if they’re going to act like that?” Well, it’s because the parents need a break too. And most parents that I know will take their kids aside and deal with the tantrum in a more private area where the general public won’t have to listen to it, like in the washrooms or outside.

Here’s where childless people get confusing…

I was at a hockey game the other night and a little boy around the age of four or five sat between his parents. As the minutes ticked by on the clock, the little boy got more and more tired and irritable. During the second intermission, the parents packed up the little boy and they went home. A few minutes into the third period, I heard a voice behind me ask, “why would you waste good money on hockey tickets when you won’t stay for the whole game?” 

I couldn’t let that comment go, so I turned around, looked the twenty-something young man in the eye, and I replied, “because, to them, it’s probably not a waste of money. It’s a short night out for their family so they can spend time together, doing what they love, even though they can’t stay for the entire game. Parents are allowed to have a life outside of their homes after they have kids.”

My point, dear childless people, is that you bitch when kids scream and throw a fit in public, and you bitch because you think parents are wasting their money when they don’t stay for the entire game…
Pick one. 

Would you prefer the parents have stayed at the game to get the most of their money while their child got more and more irritable and threw a fit (because it’s destine to happen to children who are over-tired)? Or would you rather they leave early and do what’s best for their family and, as an added bonus, you don’t have to hear the kids tantrum? 

Here’s a thought – next time you bitch about parents and/or their children and then go on to explain how you’d do better, ask yourself what justifies you to pass judgement on other people’s parenting. 

As parents, we learn as we go along. Every step is a new lesson learned. And your judgment is a slap in the face that we, as parents, laugh at. Yes, we are laughing at you. Because we know the one thing you don’t – until you have your own kids, YOU DON’T KNOW. 

Sincerely, a mother who doesn’t have it all figured out and probably never will. And I’m not sorry. 


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