Good People


My son and I stopped at a gas station this morning before leaving on a trip out of the city. As we waited for our car to be filled with gas, I made my way over to the cash machine at the back of the store. I like to have a little bit of cash on me whenever we go places in case of an emergency. 

As I dug in my wallet to find my ATM card, my 8 year old son pointed to some money sitting in the machine. There was $200 worth of cash just sitting in the machine, no owner in sight. Before I could even say anything, my son grabbed the cash, looked around the store, and made his way over to the gas station attendant. I quietly followed. 

He held the money out to the guy behind the counter and explained that he found it in the machine but didn’t know who it belonged to. He asked the attendant if he would hold onto the money in case the owner came back later looking for it. The guy behind the cash register smiled at my son and nodded. 

My son looked up at me and smiled, “I hope the owner comes back because that’s a lot of money to lose.” 

And then, as if nothing had even happened, my son said, “okay, mom, let’s get our money now.” 

This boy never ceases to amaze me. In a world full of people who would have stolen that money and walked out without a conscious thought, my son did the right thing and handed it over to a responsible party in hopes of someone finding their forgotten money. He did the right thing for the right reason and he didn’t even hesitate. 

I am so proud. 


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