Month 11, Renovations From Hell


Yes, I’m still renovating after 11 months in this money pit. This month, in particular, has been extra fun. 

My garage door, that was supposedly “fixed” two months ago, fell off right before a rain storm. Because it would happen to me in the summer of record-breaking rainfall. 

I have had no contact from the insurance company that is supposed to help fix my ensuite bathroom. But at least there’s no flooding in my downstaira right now. This is what I get to stare at every night when I go to bed. 

I still can’t use two of my kitchen cupboards on both sides of the oven because the doors don’t open. This is as far as they open, rendering them useless. 

Speaking of the oven, I replaced the bulbs inside the cooking space because they burned out last month. Well, something tells me the oven is on its last legs because I replaced the bulbs again a few days ago. And I’m not sure the oven even warms up to the temperature I set when I cook. Let’s hope my guts can withstand E. coli and salmonella for a while longer until I can afford to replace the oven. 

To top off another horrendous month in this money-suck of a house, when I went to do dishes this morning, the kitchen faucet snapped off and now I can’t run water in the kitchen sink. 

To say that this house has been a challenge would be the understatement of my year. Every damn week I’m dealing with some kind of bullshit that breaks and costs me money. I’ve soaked a lot of money into this house after paying way too much for this ridiculous home in the first place. 

Apparently, it’s quite common in this area that people build a house, use the hell out of it, bandaid a serious situation instead of fixing it properly, and once the house is beyond the bandaid stage, these cheap assholes sell it to suckers like me who will actually fix the problems properly. And there are A LOT of major problems. Which leads me to believe that THESE PEOPLE SUCK and you should avoid them at all costs. Because it’ll cost ya – more than you’ll ever realize. 

Luckily, my son is happy here because his friends live so close to us now. And that’s the only thing that keeps me going some days. It’s all about my kid. 

Anyway, I have to go to the hardware store now and talk to Pete (yes, we’re on a first-name basis) because I have a kitchen faucet to fix today while my son plays football at the park with all his friends. 

‘Tis my life. 


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