Summer Disappointment


Each week, I always plan to take one day off from working in order to spend an entire day solely focused on having fun. Some days I plan mini-golf, others I plan a full day of playing Pokemon Go with my son. A lot of days are spent in the park near our house because it’s convenient and relaxing. Lately, I have had no such luck though. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had planned a nice afternoon in the park, having a picnic with my mom and my son. Those plans were destroyed when we got to the park and saw signs explaining that they were spraying for weeds. So we headed back to the house and ate our lunch in the backyard. 

Like every week, I tried again today, planning another picnic in the park for me and my son so he could play with his friends for the afternoon and I could relax on the grass with my book. And it happened again – the park is again closed due to some leak. 

It’s really hard sometimes to be the best mom in the world. Yet, I keep trying. 


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