June, The Month From Hell


I made it! I survived June! 

Every June I’m bombarded with the same thing – a crazy schedule. It starts on June 1st with a birthday and it usually doesn’t stop until July 2, after Canada Day. 

My entire family has birthdays and anniversaries throughout the beginning of June so I’m usually busy keeping up with phone calls and sometimes gifts and parties. My sons friends, it seems, we’re all born in June and we hit about 5 kiddie birthday parties on top of my sisters birthday, Fathers Day, and my parents anniversary. That’s a lot of gifts to buy. 

It’s also the end of the school year which means I’m spending about 2 days a week at the school volunteering for things or taking part in family-based, end-of-year activities. I volunteered to help with the class field trip to the river – a full day of kids pond skimming, hiking, and being eaten by bugs. Then there was the family barbecue, track & field day, and cleaning out the lockers. I was there for all of it. 

Add in kids dentist/doctor appointments, the baseball games/practices, the golf lessons, and the house full of kids that seem to show up at my door every day with excitement that school is almost over and every day seemed to knock me on my ass with exhaustion. 

Throw in some extremely costly house repairs, a botched picnic-in-the-park plan, and a massive sinus infection, and I’ve come to appreciate that I’ve survived the month from hell. 

Please, July, be gentle. 


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