Dreams Do Come True – Just Not Mine (And I’m Okay With That)


When I was young, I was ambitious. I wanted to find career success and make a lot of money. I wanted to travel the world. I planned to work hard to achieve my dreams. My workaholic ways led to long days and even longer nights. I was motivated, ambitious, and determined to make my mark in life. 

Plans change. 

Life happens and you have no choice but to let go of control and roll with the punches sometimes. When I was 25, life punched me in the gut so hard that the breath was stolen from my lungs. Yep, you probably guessed it – I fell in love. 

I met a man who treated me as though I was a queen. He wanted to make me happy and help me to be the best version of myself that I could be. He wanted to give me the world. If I wasn’t physically with him, I was pining for him. And I was counting down the minutes until I could see him again. I was head over heels in love. 

After a few years of loving bliss, we decided to marry and the honeymoon phase never ended. We were happy together so we decided to get married while on vacation in a tropical location. We said “I do” after zip-lining through forests and paddling down jungle rivers. It was the best day of my life. 

And then life punched me in the gut again. I was pregnant. And I’ve been living the mom-life ever since. No regrets. 

I have played witness to a growing boy who is exactly like me and holds up a mirror for me to see myself exactly as I am. He has taught me more than I could ever teach him. I have watched many karate classes, hockey games, baseball tournaments, golf lessons, school functions, and hosted his friends day after day in my little mom-world. And I won’t regret one second of it. Because I love it. I love the smiles, the dirt, and the craziness of life with boys. I could do without the smells of wet dog and farting, but I take the good with the bad. 

I am no longer that ambitious career woman set in my path of success and determination. Now I’m the mom taking a half dozen kids to baseball practice. I never understood that my shattered dreams of success could lead to something much more fulfilling – being a mom. 

I’m so grateful for my dreams that didn’t come true. 


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