Buyer’s Remorse


I remember the day I came to look at this house. I fell in love with it in spite of knowing about all the upgrades it would eventually need. There was a lot of pink – I hate pink, but I could live with it for the time being. The kitchen was original and needed to be updated, but it was useable. The three bathrooms needed updating, but everything seemed to be working properly in spite of being horrendously ugly. But I knew that I’d be here for a few years as my son grew bigger and I’d have plenty of time for rejuvenation. 

I knew the house would be worth it long-term because it’s in the best neighbourhood I could ask for, near a park, my sons friends, and half a block away from an outdoor rink. I loved the layout because it was unique and it was twice as big as my old house, plenty of room for me and my son. The price was do-able knowing that I could afford renovations over time. 

I have lived in this house now for about 8 months. And I hate this fucking house. 

I have put over $50,000 into this house already because of shit that’s stopped working, broken, or leaked and done so much damage that a reno was the only way to stop the problems. Every week I’m finding new things that are broken or in need of repair – most of them are costly and in need of immediate repairs. 

I’ve renovated the entire downstairs including the family room, office, guest room, and my sons gaming room. That was a renovation I knew would need to be done right away because of the original, smelly carpet from 1986. What I didn’t expect was a leaking dishwasher that needed to be replaced, windows that were not replaced properly, a cracked toilet that leaked into my newly renovated guest room, shower heads that constantly dripped, bathroom taps that were practically un-useable, flooring that was rotted away on the main floor because of the tiled shower that wasn’t installed properly and leaked into my sons gaming room, broken underground sprinkler heads, a garage door that didn’t close right so I couldn’t even fit my car inside, front and back doors that didn’t close properly, cabinet doors that fell off their hinges and broke my sons toe when he tried to get a clean towel before his shower, two kitchen cupboards that didn’t open at all, a fridge that stopped working, the deck that’s falling off the side of the house, and many other pricey updates that were demanded right away. 

I haven’t done the deck yet, a contractor is coming to look at my leaky shower tomorrow, and my garage door still isn’t completely fixed. The kitchen reno is a little too much for me to afford right now and will have to wait until next summer. Numerous other things that are not immediately ruining the structure of the house will have to wait. 

So far I’ve replaced the dishwasher, fridge, shower heads, toilets, bathroom faucets, bathroom lighting, and sprinkler heads. I’ve temporarily fixed the broken cupboards until I can afford to renovate the bathrooms, which looks to be sooner rather than later. There’s still so much to do. And the biggest costs are yet to come. 

After what I paid for this house and another $50,000 later, plus the pending costs… 

UPDATE: I recently made a claim on my bathroom that was leaking and it seems the leaking has ruined both my bathrooms upstairs as well as the room downstairs directly below the leakage. Hopefully the insurance people can help me figure out how I’m going to pay for two bathroom renovations. Getting hosed doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about this stupid house. On the bright side, I will have two new bathrooms upstairs when it’s all figured out. 


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