San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues Game Recap



Game 5, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues, Game Recap

In my estimation, the Blues/Sharks matchup is turning out to be the most evenly matched series of the playoffs so far. It may not be the most exciting series, but the skill levels are so close that it’s hard not to watch because you know each game will go to the bitter end. Don’t let the scores fool you – tonight’s 6-3 Sharks win did not explain the whole story. The Blues clearly out-played the Sharks in the first 40 minutes, but they needed a solid 60 minutes which they failed to do. 

The San Jose Sharks bit first with a goal by Hertl, but the St. Louis Blues quickly answered back with 2 fast ones to put the home team ahead at the end of the first period with a score of 2-1. 

During the second period, a scuffle between Wingels and Shattenkirk didn’t amount to much until Fabbri got called to serve an extra 2 minutes for Shattenkirk which gave the Sharks a powerplay. Ward scored on the powerplay and tied the game 2-2. A Sharks penalty later on led to another Blues goal and put them ahead again until a late period St. Louis penalty when Pavelski capitalized to even the score 3-3 before the end of 40 minutes. 

16 seconds into the third period, Pavelski wasted no time putting the Sharks up by one. After a lot of back and forth chances throughout the final 20 minutes, bodies were flying all over the ice as the clock ticked down. But St. Louis couldn’t come out with a tying goal. Instead, the Sharks potted 2 empty net goals to end the game with a 6-3 win in St. Louis. 


So the Sharks are now up on the series, 3 games to 2, and the next game is on Wednesday, May 25. It’s do or die time for the Sharks and, I believe the winner of the next game will be moving onto the Stanley Cup Final. If the Sharks can win, it will be their turn at the cup. If not, I think they’ll give in to their tradition of choking in the playoffs and the Blues will win the next two games and move on. My hope is that Wednesday is the last game in this series, but I’ve been wrong before (like every other series during this years playoffs!). My bracket was busted after the first round so don’t take my word on it. 


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