Two Days


That’s all it took – two days – to realize how very fortunate I am to be alive. 

Sometimes we take things for granted and forget our focus. It takes a tragedy to remind us how lucky we truly are. 

I received news that a friend from high school had a heart attack a couple days ago. He’s been in hospital ever since. He’s barely responding to his family as his organs are shutting down one by one. He needs an immediate heart transplant, but they don’t know if it will be possible because the rest of his body seems to be giving up. They don’t know how long he will last. He’s 43. 

Yesterday, a friends nephew was in an accident and passed away after he hit a semi truck on a secondary road north of my city. This boy was 21. Now a family is living without a son, nephew, cousin. He was so young. My heart hurts for his family. 

Life is precious. Whether you’re 21 or 43, don’t take anything for granted because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 


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