Today’s Playoff Update



Today, the San Jose Sharks will take on the St. Louis Blues in the third game of the series. With powerful Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski, the Blues will have to amp up their shots on net and play more aggressive if they plan to stay alive in this series. The teams are tied at 1 one win each but tonight the scales will tip in someone’s favour. 


Pittsburgh leads this series 2-1 after last nights hard-earned win. While Tampa Bay was strong in the first period, the Penguins opened the scoring, which led to a lot of back and forth throughout the second and third periods. Tampa Bay put up a good fight, but 28 shots on net weren’t quite enough against Pittsburghs 48 shots that led to the Penguins 4-2 win. 


With Matt Murray doing such a stellar job in net for Pittsburgh, and in spite of Marc-Andre Fleury healing, do we see Fleury in net this series?


One thought on “Today’s Playoff Update

  1. Sean Rhodes

    Before the series I would I have said yes absolutely we will see Fleury, now I am not so sure. I actually don’t think so, Murray has done a very good job. I am wondering if we even see Fleury in the finals because I do think it is going to be the Penguins vs the Blues

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