Friends By Fate


© Raymond Kasprzak | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Last night was a lot of fun as a sports parent.

When my kid first started kindergarden, he met and became fast friends with three other boys. All the boys ended up playing hockey and baseball together the first year as well. Because of this, I became friends with all their parents. For four years now, my son and his friends have stayed close buddies and I have remained friends with his friends parents.

In the past couple years, we parents have been busy and it’s rare when all of us can be together at the same time. But last night was epic. As the boys were evaluated during their first night of baseball this season, all us parents finally had some time to spend together. It was an amazing evening of chatting, making plans for the summer, and spending time with people we actually like.

We are the ‘real’ parents, the no-nonsense parents, the ones who just want our kids to go out and have a good time. No, our boys are not terrible at sports – actually, most of them are better than average – but we don’t let it serve as our egos. Unlike some of the other parents that we all try to avoid. There’s the flashy moms with their high heels (seriously, who wears heels to a ball field??) and faces full of makeup out at the ball diamonds. And there’s the sports dads who push their kids too hard (in my opinion) to become the best at everything. I’m not like those parents. I wear hoodies and jeans with Chuck Taylors no matter where I go. I barely wear makeup at all. And I don’t believe that pushing our kids too hard will help them to become better people. So, naturally, I gravitate towards parents who have the same or similar morals and principles as I do. And I’ve found them.

I am so lucky to have these people in my life. They make me a better person. We all help each other out when needed and we’re not afraid of looking silly in front of each other. The kids are our common bond, but we remain friends because we all have a lot in common even though we are our own people. Our parenting styles are similar, we have similar values, and we all treat each others kids as though they are our own. Four years of being together through the kids school events, hockey, and baseball has that effect on non-suspecting parents who are thrown together out of fate. And these people have become my greatest friends. They are good people and I appreciate having them in my life.

Thursday, the boys get split into their separate teams and we will go our different ways again for another season. My only hope is that maybe one or two of us can land on the same team again so the season is a little more fun for the parents as well as for the kids.


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