Sports And Little Boys


Life doesn’t slow down for the mother of an active 8 year old boy. Hockey season is winding down and baseball season has just begun. Which means my life gets busy. 

For two weeks, both sports have overlapped, which means I’m constantly running from one thing to another. If it’s not hockey practice, games, or tournaments, it’s baseball camp or practice. Each day, I’m on a tight schedule when it comes to my kids extra curricular activities. 

On top of that, I work. I work a lot. And summer is no time to slack off in the sports world. With my computer in my backpack, my phone to my ear, and a coffee in hand, I’m the working mom that just can’t seem to find enough time to fit everything in comfortably. 

But, somehow, it all works. We make practices, games, and tournaments while I work around the clock. And rarely do we forget a water bottle, a hockey stick, or a baseball glove. Somedays, I wonder how I do it. Every night, I fall into bed exhausted and worn out. 

And I’m grateful for it all. 


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