20s vs 30s


Women in their 30s have an advantage when it comes to girls in their 20s. In your twenties, you don’t care. You go out, have a good time, and pay no attention to what the repercussions may be in the recent future. Relationships and people seem meaningless. 

Women in their thirties know better.

Remember those girls nights out, when we all went out with a group of friends (whom we may or may not still be friends with), with the sole intention of not paying for our own drinks? Ah, those were the nights. It was a common sight to see me standing outside with a cigarette in one hand and a stiff drink in the other, surrounded by a plethora of friends and guys buzzing around like they were stalking their prey. It was fun at the time, but, more often than not, the nights ended with a walk of shame and some serious regrets.

In my thirties, seeing me outside smoking a cigarette with a drink in my other hand is still quite common. But the big difference is that I no longer depend on the swarm of guys to pay for my drinks – I buy my own. And I no longer feel regrets each morning because I’m usually the one leaving the party early because I have my fabulous job to get to in the morning.

Is there a part of me that wishes I could be back in my twenties to live all the fun over again? Hell yes. But it makes me happy knowing that I don’t have to worry about making mistakes for the first time and learning the hard way again. My lessons have been learned. 

My relationships mean more to me now. They are all special. They are not frivolous. They last for years now instead of just months. These are the people I have picked to be in my life instead of people who passed through. 

If this is what relationships are like in my 30s, I’m quite anxious to see how much more meaningful my relationships will be in my 40s. 


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