A simple cup of coffee and a smile that lasted a lifetime.

I ordered a steaming hot cup of coffee and found a quiet corner of the coffee shop where I could be alone with my thoughts.

I laid my jacket across the back of the sofa and sat down. I leaned back and brought the cup to my lips. And that’s when I noticed him. Or rather, that’s when I noticed his inquiring eyes smiling across the room at me from over the top of his own coffee cup.

I smiled back before allowing my attention to wander elsewhere.

A deep breath, a visual walk around the coffee shop, and then I was prepared to work. I pulled my computer out of my bag and readjusted myself on the sofa.

Lost in my own world, words poured from my soul and I was wrapped in the comfort of being alone, where I am most comfortable.

My attention was diverted to the purple tie at the coffee counter. He gave the barista a friendly smile, as he had given to me, as she handed him another steaming cup.

His gaze wandered to me as he made his way back to his table. Again, the coffee dance of smiles, neither of us wanting to intrude, yet both of us wanting our presence known to the other.

Another deep breath, more focused thoughts, and I returned to my private world among words.

I lifted my cup and tipped it back to find it was empty.

He stood before me, smiling down at me and my empty cup.

“Can I refill that for you?”

I grinned appreciatively.

“I promise not to intrude, I just want to refill your coffee as to not interrupt your progress.”

Full smile. And a simple, “thank you.”

I watched him make his way back to the counter, say something to the barista, and point towards me, to which the barista nodded and smiled.

He faced me again as the barista made herself busy, I assumed, making my coffee. His gaze lingered as he leaned against the counter and I did not turn away. A relaxed smile played at my lips, my writing all but forgotten.

He turned back to face the barista and they talked as my attention was caught by the man who was the keeper of my appreciation. He held his tie back as he leaned across the counter. His shirt taut across his muscular back. He reached and pointed at something behind the counter and his sleeves revealed the strength in his arms.

I was suddenly ashamed of myself for the thoughts in my mind. I thought about those strong arms around me as I felt the heat from his lithe body beside me on the sofa. I shook the thoughts away just as he made his way towards me with a cup in his hand… 


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