Basic Bitch


I am tired as hell of people labelling me. Stop with the high school bullshit! 

I posted this on social media the other day and it got an onslaught of responses – 164 to be exact. Most called me spoiled, a basic bitch, and claimed that I whined too much. 

Because social media sites are usually limited in portraying the meaning behind one’s words, I want to clarify my post. 

I workout and I try very hard to keep my body and mind healthy with yoga, meditation, and jogging. For someone to judge me because I want to stay healthy tells me they’re probably a little jealous that at my age I look this good. 

I drink Starbucks because I genuinely like it. Nothing compares to a caramel macchiato from Starbucks! And after working out for hours at a time, I’ve earned a coffee to enjoy. 

I wear expensive clothes and buy expensive shoes and handbags because I’ve worked very hard to be able to afford them. I am my own success story and I like designer products. 

I won’t apologize for being who I am and liking the things I’m drawn to. For people to judge me tells me more about their character than I ever cared to know. 



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