On Edge


I’ve been really stressed out lately and it’s starting to affect me physically. 

I’ve been working out, I’ve been eating better, and I’ve tried to stay positive and grateful for everything. But sometimes I really just want to scream. 

Outside influences and things I cannot control are plaguing me in the worst way. I have been thrown into situations with people I don’t very much like, I’ve been dealing with circumstances that I can’t control, and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder right now. And it’s only the beginning of my tough moments. I have four more weeks to get through. 

The only thing I can control is the time spent working out and my decisions to stay healthy. But it’s hard at times. 

My life is changing. Big decisions have been made. And time keeps moving forward. I feel like I’m caught up in a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and more uncontrolled the longer it goes on. It’s a big hill. 

I’m very lucky though. I have a lot of supportive people in my life who never fail to smile at me, remind me of the positive side, and make my day brighter. They are my silver lining. I appreciate all of them so very much. And I hope they know that. 

Because of them, I keep going, I stick to my plan of becoming healthy again, and I try to remain as positive and thankful as I can be through everything. They are the ones who put things in perspective during my hardest times. 

Thank God for good people. 

I will keep going. I will keep smiling. And I will continue through the hard times because I know that these life changes will have a positive outcome. I must get through the next few weeks. 

I just needed to rant and get that off my chest – I feel much better now. 


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