SMC – Day 16


We take for granted the most simple things sometimes. This has served as reminder that the smallest things have the biggest impact. 

Two days ago I injured my one toe and I haven’t been able to do much since then. I can barely walk, stairs are a challenge, and shoes make me wince. I’ve been barefoot for two days and I haven’t strayed far from my house. 

Yesterday, the injury began to bleed again. It was more horrific than at the time of the injury. Blood literally squirted from my toe. I’m sorry for that graphic image, but it’s nothing compared to what I actually saw. It was disgusting, to say the least. 

I miss my workouts and being able to take long walks through the park. The smallest tasks seem to take twice as long, and my frustration level has hit an all-time high. I’ll be so happy when I can start working out again. 

On a good note, I’ve been at this healthy living challenge for just over two weeks now and I have good news. Although I refuse to step on a scale because I believe happiness doesn’t come from a number, I’ve noticed that my old clothes are starting to fit better already! Two short weeks and my body is already changing for the better. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m definitely on my way. 

In spite of the injury and being forced to take time off from exercising, I seem to be doing well. And this keeps me motivated to keep going! 


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