SMC – Day 12


Today was harsh. The day started out badly and ended up being even more awful. Nothing big happened, just a succession of little things went wrong and by noon I was ready to throw in the towel. My mood was below average. 

And then dinner happened. As always, I made something to eat and sat down at the kitchen table to relax and enjoy. It was short-lived because, about a half hour after dinner, I felt terrible. My stomach was in knots and I felt nauseated. I suffered in silence for a while but the nausea just wouldn’t subside. 

All I remember thinking was, “if I’m going to get sick, it’s going to be worth it!” And I headed out for a run. As soon as I returned home, I soaked in a warm bath and tried to relax. 

Right now, I’m feeling much better and I might even get a good nights sleep tonight. Ah, the power of a healthy lifestyle! 


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