My Nightly Ritual


Every night, during my bedtime routine, I always relax in a hot bath and ease my sore muscles. With my muscles relaxed and my body ready for a good nights sleep, I reach for my trusty Saje Snore No More oil to run into the soles of my feet before I drift off.

I have seasonal allergies which hinder my sleep most nights during peak times throughout the year. I’ve tried all kinds of medications only to be sorely disappointed.

I was desperate when I first tried this oil, but I am desperate no more. After my evening bath, I rub some of this onto the soles of my feet and let the oil do its magic.

I don’t know if it would work for everyone, but it’s worked for me. I seem to get a better nights sleep and I don’t wake up as often through the night. This is a saviour in liquid form for me.


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