Kids Don’t Work That Way


I have this friend who never seems happy with her life. She’s constantly over-booked, she never sits still, and she’s always stressed out. Every time we talk, she tells me about her insane schedule and about how busy she is. I feel bad for her sometimes, but then I realize that she’s doing it to herself. 

I made a mistake a couple years ago when I put my boy in too many extra curricular activities at the same time. I’ve learned my lesson and I learned it the hard way. From now on, my kid is allowed to do only two things per season. It’s his choice what he does, but he’s only allowed two things. Overbooking our schedule wasn’t good for either of us. We were irritable and always rushing. Neither of us took any joy in what we did and everything became an obligation. I promised myself then that is never make that mistake again. 

But my friend doesn’t seem to see it the same way. She has two kids and they’re both in multiple extra curriculars each season. As well, she is the one who makes the choice what they are allowed to sign up for. When her oldest told me that he was really looking forward to one sport, she cut him off and told me that he’s not going in that sport anymore. Instead, he will be joining a different sport. The disappointment on his little face made me want to hug him. 

Online, I read all these posts from childless people who say that their future kids are going to do all these things and be who the future parents want them to be. 

Take it from me, a mother who has, in the past, tried to steer my child into doing things that he didn’t like, kids just don’t work that way. 

Sometimes we just have to sit back, relax, and let our kids choose their own path and we, as parents, should only be an encouraging and supportive voice. 


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