Fight And Flight


Don’t hold me down. I’m a wanderer, an adventurer, and a freedom-seeker. If you try to hold me back from exploring this life, I fight and flight. I rebel against anything that tries to tie me down. I fight the restraint and I run from the shackles.

Some call me flaky, some call me bohemian, some call me a drifter. But I love the paths I have travelled in search of life. And I look forward to the journey I have ahead of me. I’m the girl having coffee with the barista just to learn their story. I’m the one talking to all the strangers in the market because I find people interesting. I will be your best friend while you have me, but, before you can blink, I’ll be gone, moving on to find my next life adventure.

Be with me while I’m here. We’ll share laughter, smiles, stories, happiness, and a bond that you’ll never forget. I’ll be your friend, your confidante, and the girl you can talk to about anything. Maybe, in the far-off future, you’ll remember me, or maybe you won’t. But I can promise you that I’m worth it – for right now.


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